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Client Implementation


Since I am used to play with Perl & CGI , I developed dict.cgi
Since I want to use GUI client@Unix, I studied Gladeand Gtk. and I got it. though it is simple.
Since I am not good at programming in Java and at windows platform. no client exist there. Please give me your hand. I think it is just a piece of cake bacause of the SOAP.

The client development focus on the beautiful GUI and multi-platform implementation.

gDict - unix GUI

I use glade to develop the GUI which is GTK based.
gSOAP is the SOAP API to connect the SOAP server. Actually I can use EasySOAP++ as well. But document is not good enough and I can't get good support now. so I try to use gSOAP.

dict.cgi - web CGI

I use SOAP::Lite and CGI module. It is simple and just 2 hours work.( 1 hour for the Design ).
Thanks Lars Joas who sent me a good web link that I got the idea.