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Server Implementation


For easy starting, I use SOAP::Lite perl package to implement the server side, later it is changed to gSOAP C with NiuWen hua's help.
The server develop focus on the performance,multi-language transportation,multi-dictionaries.


Dictionary 0: English-Chinese with good translation
Dictionary 1: English-English  ( from Palm)
Dictionary 2: English-Chinese with one line translation ( from my Palm)
Dictionary 3: Chinese-English ( from CEDICT project)

Service Description

SOAP::Lite Perl Solution:
Endpoint1: http://localhost/cgi-cai/service.cgi
Service1: urn:wdict1
gSOAP C Solution:
Endpoint2: http://localhost/cgi-cai/wservice
Service2: urn:wdict
Input parameters:
int: dictionary
string: word
Output parameters:
string: match
string: word
string: yinbiao
string: list
SOAP-ENC:base64: information
Method : getWord
You can also check the wdict.wsdl  which is generated by gSOAP
You can choose other endpoint to access,see Available Server List below.

For the information of wdict admin web service ,please check the wdictadm.wsdl  for detail.

International Phonetic Symbol

Guidance on pronunciation basicly follows the system of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). I use the yb10x20.pcf font,see the snapshot(using xfd -fn yb10x20).
Current only the Dictinary 0 is using this YB. ( others have bad sybmols ,how to do ?)
IPA i.e. olddict newdict yb10x20 IPA i.e. old new  yb10x20 IPA i.e. old new yb10x20
game g g g long n_ N G ship S S S
chair tS tS tS thin 8 8 Q measure 3 3 3
jet d3 d3 d3 there & & J yes j j j
bat ae A K dark a: a: a: say ei ei ei
bet e e e seem i: i: i: buy ai ai ai
another 2 2 E born c: c: C toy ci ci Ci
sit i i i term 2: 2: E: so ou 2u Eu
top c c C moon u: u: u: now au au au
but ^ ^ V           peer i2 i2 iE
put u u u           fair E2 E2 WE
                    poor u2 u2 uE

From olddict to newdict:
From newdict to gdict to display (pay attention to 2,E)

Available Server List

Currently we are running the server on 4 servers (c42,c112,c64,c130) , if you want your server as web dictionary , please send an email to me .

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