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Last updated : 2002.07.19


        Web Dictionary comes from my study of SOAP/UDDI/WSDL web service. My learning method is to make sth. happened and it can be used in my normal work. otherwise I will lose interest. so I start to study Web Dictionary.

        Web Dictionary includes the server side and client side. They have different knowledge and trends of further development. You can see the snapshot for how it looks like.

        I also practise eXtreme Programming when I develop them. Small release, Good testing, Customer-oriented,Team work,Knowledge share. :-)


        I use my spare time on my Linux at home . And I really need you to work with me for improvement. I promise you will learn a lot.



All the dictionaries comes from internet, we don't think there is problem of license. If it has , we will remove it at once. If you have the good dictionary data,please let us know. ( we want to introduce English-Swedish/Swedish-English)
If you want to build it, you can use SOAP::Lite for perl,gSOAP for C/C++, Glade/GTK for GUI. source codes can be downloaded below.

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